The EMV liability shift continues to make headlines in the US. Major retailers – including Walmart, which is suing Visa over its EMV POS protocols — say card issuers aren’t making the transition easy or comprehensively secure. With so much attention on card transactions at the point of sale, it’s easy to overlook mobile’s role in the EMV changeover. A two-step mobile EMV adoption program can enable your business to take EMV-compliant payments on the go and let customers skip the tedious chip-and-PIN process at your fixed terminals.

Take EMV payments on smartphones and tablets

The growing popularity of plug-in card readers and mobile payment tools has been a game-changer for small merchants. You’re likely to encounter at least one merchant swiping your card on their iPad or phone during a day out. Coffee shop owners, hair stylists, farmer’s market vendors, and home repair technicians are just some of the people who carry their payment terminal in their pocket these days.

If you’re among them, or if you’re thinking about adding mobile payment acceptance, make sure you use new EMV-compatible card readers. Most cheap mass-market readers sold before mid-2015 don’t meet the new standard, and using them leaves you just as liable for fraudulent charges as you would be with an old mag-stripe terminal at the point of sale. Your mobile card readers should have close data encryption, immediate tokenization, and instant card authentication to protect your customers’ payment information and your revenue. Forte supports the iDynamo card reader because it meets all these criteria and PCI standards to protect your business.

Make the most of new NFC capabilities at the POS

So far, the biggest change consumers have noticed about new EMV-compliant checkout devices – if they’ve noticed at all — is that they take longer than the old magnetic-stripe card readers. That’s led to countless awkward silences in checkout lines across the country, as customers and clerks alike stare at the terminal waiting those few extra seconds for the “please remove your card” beeps. This isn’t good for the customer experience, and it’s not really necessary.

That’s because EMV-compliant terminals like the Verifone VX 520, which Forte recommends for POS clients, have near-field communication capabilities built in. Not many retailers are taking advantage of the NFC option, but now is an ideal time to offer it to customers as a more secure, faster checkout method than payment by card.

Why not use those extra EMV-transaction seconds to share information with your customers on how they can use their smartphone to pay at your new terminals? Customers with NFC-enabled smartphones and active mobile wallets can just tap their phone on your NFC-enabled payment device to pay, apply coupons, and earn reward credits without having to fish payment and loyalty cards out of their wallet or give their phone number aloud. Verifone offers a white paper for merchants on how to introduce and leverage NFC checkout technology.

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