Tips for Managing Government Payment Solutions

The public sector needs payments solutions that account for the complexities of governmental bodies, as well as encouraging connections with communities and constituents. Seamless, simple, and accurate payments solutions are necessary for efficient operations.

The right payments solutions improve revenue collection and ease administrative burdens, freeing staff from the manual processing and maintenance of payments for services such as:

  • Property taxes
  • Utilities (water, electric, gas, etc.)
  • Court fines
  • Parking/traffic tickets
  • Building permits
  • Car registration/drivers’ licensing
  • Other fees

Federal and state governments, as well as local municipalities, all need to collect payments in a timely, efficient manner in order to continue serving constituents and driving the economy. 

In order to meet citizen expectations, it might be necessary to expand payment options. The inclusion of newer technologies, like online and mobile payments, appeals to the public’s desire for convenience. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the payment technologies to look for when seeking a new solution set.

Solutions to consider

Modern, convenient payments solutions provide the ability to accept any type of payment — credit card, debit card, or ACH — on any payment channel — in-person, online, or mobile/phone. These solutions can be custom integrated to work seamlessly with existing platforms and software to create optimal payments management.

  • In-person: People can drop by to pay in-person, either with the assistance of an office employee or at a self-help kiosk station.
  • Online: With online payments and billing, residents can pay 24/7 as it fits their schedules, removing the limitations of office hours. It also makes it easy to set up recurring or automatic payments for routine bills, virtually eliminating late payments and the resulting penalties and/or disruption of services.
  • Mobile/phone: More and more people are paying on-the-go using their smartphones and tablets. That’s why modern payment options are scalable for mobile display. Many governmental bodies also make use of IVR services, allowing customers to call in and pay via an automated answering system.

Many of these solutions offer smart automation features to help improve the accuracy of payment management, while saving time and often money. The right payment provider will also offer in-house support to provide personalized assistance from initial setup through continuing service.

Choosing the right payment provider

There are hundreds of payment providers to choose from, so doing research and having conversations with company representatives is crucial to finding the best fit. It’s beneficial to select a provider that is familiar with the intricacies of government payments.

Top payment providers prioritize security, upholding strict compliance standards to protect payment data. They will also offer customizable payments solutions with advanced integration options, as opposed to using a cookie-cutter approach.

A payments solution set should improve the efficiency of payment management, reduce the time spent on payments/accounting, provide more flexible options to payers, and generally enhance governmental operations.

Is your current solution offering all this? If not, it might be time for a switch. Forte Payment Solutions is an industry-leading payment provider that is well-versed in government payments. Visit our site for more information or reach out for more personalized assistance.

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