Streamline your self-storage operations with smart payment tools

The self-storage business is thriving and undergoing some changes, but billing is still a challenge that consumes staffers’ time and attention. As mobile apps and technology become regular features of self-storage service, customers now expect an easy, intuitive billing experience, including mobile payment options. Here’s how the right payment solution can streamline your billing operations, make payments easier for your customers, and reduce your workload.

Convenient payment options for busy tenants

Whether they’re business owners or managers looking for inventory storage or consumers preparing to make a move, your customers are exceptionally busy. As major self-storage chains enable online and mobile reservations, expedited check-in, and bill payment, the rest of the industry must keep up to stay competitive.

Independent self-storage providers and smaller chains can accomplish this without a big tech investment by using a payment solution that offers easy-to-integrate, highly secure point-of-sale, online, and mobile checkout tools. Of course, an integrated payment solution is only as appealing as the payment methods it supports. The more options you can give your tenants, the better.

Put payments on autopilot

For example, if your solution supports recurring ACH payments, you can offer your tenants a time-saving automatic bill payment option while reducing your risk of exposure to chargebacks. This is an appealing option for tenants who will be overseas while their items are in storage and for customers who prefer not to use credit cards. Forte’s recurring payments solution includes automated reminders and receipts for your customers, as well as automatic account correction and real-time cloud reporting so you can monitor the state of your accounts online.

Take billing off your to-do list

Bill presentment tools, like Forte’s optional BillPayIt solution, give you the ability to quickly present bills to your tenants and take payments online, via mobile, and over the phone with interactive voice response technology. With BillPayIt, your tenants also have access to online account statements so they can track what’s due now and what’s coming up. You can also give tenants the option to pay more than one bill at a time – a time saver for commercial clients who lease multiple storage units.

Stop chasing after NSF checks and delinquent accounts

NSF checks are expensive, not only because of lost revenue but also because of the bank fees involved. The simplest solution is to avoid taking NSF checks, and Forte’s instant check verification tools can help you do that. Forte’s Direct Recovery solution can also re-present your paper and electronic NSF checks. Your business receives 100% of the collected check value and half the NSF fee for each recovered item. Forte can also direct your secondary collection items to its 3rd-party partner for further recovery efforts.

Protect your tenants’ data and reduce your compliance scope

Your self-storage business is all about protecting your tenants’ physical items. Your payments solution should provide superior protection for their account data, too. That’s why we use tokenization to ensure that even if a would-be thief were to access the payment chain, the information they seek is hidden. This level of protection also protects your business and saves you time by shifting some of your PCI compliance burden to your payment service.

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