The Six Top Features of a Payment Solution for Religious Organizations

Religious organizations are especially in need of smart online payment acceptance solutions, as donations and tithes are critical to funding their missions and more church members are looking for easier ways of giving. In an increasingly digital age, offering more payment options is essential to reaching more of today’s audience. Simply put, religious organizations must think beyond the check book and the basket. A thoughtful and comprehensive payment solution will offer many features and payment methods, opening up new paths for members to support their spiritual community.

What should a religious organization look for in a payment solution? We’ve narrowed down the six most important features for any church or religious group.

1. ACH and credit card acceptance

By accepting both ACH (or eCheck) payments and credit/debit cards, you allow your congregation to pay however they wish. This allows some to continue using their checking accounts and others to go ahead and make use of rewards cards and other card benefits.

2. Online donations right from your website

Nothing is easier than utilizing a bright “Pay Now” button directly on your website to accept donations. By offering a secure payment portal to accept cards or ACH, your church members can easily log on and give right whenever they are ready.

3. Alternative payment channels like mobile

For even more options, you can offer mobile payment acceptance. Use a mobile payment application and provide church representatives with tablets or smartphones to accept tithes or fees directly.

4. Recurring and one-time payment options

Accept single, one-time donations or schedule recurring payments to help repeat givers. Store payment data associated with repeat transactions using secure methods.

5. A safe and secure processing environment

Take advantage of a payment company’s security initiatives and features, like tokenization and secure payment forms. By leaning on them, you can protect yourself from breach and keep your customers’ sensitive information safe.

6. Real-time online reporting

With all of the transactions you’ll be processing, you will need a cloud-based, real-time reporting system that can help you keep track of everything. Look for reporting that exports easily, offers notifications and allows you to search easily and maintain full control of your report data.

Religious organizations can find payment solution providers that offer these features by shopping wisely and asking questions. To learn more about our payment solutions for your religious organization, call us at 866.290.5400 or visit here.

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