When it comes to payment processing, it makes sense to do your homework. Look around. Research. Ask questions. Don’t just go with whatever company falls into your lap – go with what makes the most sense for you and your business.

Of course, we’re a little biased, but we know that Forte can offer some serious benefits to merchants and partners that choose to process with us. We stand by what we do, 100%, and we’d like to share just a few of the reasons why it makes good sense to pick Forte.

Just take partner, Kill Bill, for example. They offer an open source subscription billing and payment platform that helps merchants grow their businesses. They just joined forces with Forte and haven’t looked back.

What made them so confident about their decision? Plenty. But here are just six smart reasons to pick Forte Payment Systems as your payment processor.

Killer Functionality

Each and every one of Forte’s products and services is loaded with features and boasts incredible payment functionality. Our flexible credit card and eCheck processing can be accepted from any payment channel: at the physical POS, over the phone, online, or on your mobile device(s). Running on a cloud system, each piece funnels together for reporting from a single source. Dynamic and adaptable, you can build your own custom solution with the exact products you need. And feel free to rearrange things as you grow. That means you have powerful omni-channel payment solutions, right at your fingertips.

Competitive Rates

Our pricing packages are designed especially for your specific needs. Nearly all of our merchants find the Merchant+ pricing package a nice fit. The all-inclusive plan has a monthly fee of $24.95 plus $.25/transaction and 1.79% swiped qualified. We have a Starter package that’s perfect for new businesses and lower volume processing with no monthly fee at just a 2.9% flat fee & $.25/transaction. For high volume sellers, we can arrange a custom Enterprise plan with significant discounts. Learn more at www.forte.net/pricing. All plans include credit card, ACH/eCheck, gateway, recurring payments, Checkout, Virtual Terminal, mobile, cloud reporting, tokenization, and support.

99.999 Uptime

Trust us. Luckily, Forte’s systems do not require regular maintenance. If any changes to products or platforms happen to be made, notice is given out at least 30 days in advance. You won’t experience any downtime during these changes or maintenance, however.  Full backups are run weekly and stored offsite in a bonded facility, and transaction log backups are actually taken every single minute.

Homegrown ACH

Our ACH transactions are processed right on our own platform, instead of using a third party, with our very own payment gateway software. Because of this, bank account and other sensitive payment information never leaves the safety and security of system, where it is tokenized and kept safe from breach in our fully redundant tier 1 data centers. We’ve worked hard to establish long-lasting, strong relationships with the banks to keep our ACH processing swift, smooth, and secure.

Texas Hospitality

Based out of Allen, Texas, our customer care and support is second to none. Every time you call or email, you’ll talk to a real person, part of the Forte team, who is trained and qualified to help you get what you need. We don’t outsource or use call centers. Every single employee is one of the hand-picked team members that get up and come to our home base each day, dedicated to the Forte standards and principles. We also like to have a little fun, too. If you ever need anything, you’ll find us ready to help and eager to listen.

Single Point of Contact

Forte stands apart from other processors primarily because it is a single source solution. In other words, you don’t have to go anywhere else, for anything else. We have the gateway, the reporting, all of your payment channels, major payment types, documentation, support, and fraud prevention all under one roof. That means you make one call to handle things, manage a single invoice, and everything can funnel together into a single hub for reporting and management. And you can build things as you go and grow as you need to. Say, for now, you just want to start taking credit cards online. That’s cool. But later, maybe you expand and want to add ACH over the phone or a check verification service. We’ve got you covered. No matter how your business grows or changes, we can adjust to fit your needs.

Convinced? Give us a call at 866.290.5400 to get started or visit www.forte.net to learn more.

Photo credit: Tim Fields

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