Here at Forte, we really dig fraud prevention products. After all, in the world of electronic payments, you can never be too safe. This is why we carefully crafted products like our NSF re-presentment service, Check Recovery. You can read more about it here.

But we’ve got more check protection up our long and plentiful sleeves. If you accept ACH payments, electronic checks, or paper checks, you’ll want to take a serious and contemplative gander at Forte Verify. It works differently than Check Recovery, but also offers extensive protection against fraud.

Forte Verify is a process that works right at the source: the point of capture. While Check Recovery addresses items that have already been returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF), Forte Verify helps stop most types of returns before they even happen. With the potential to dramatically reduce NSF items, you can feel pretty confident every time you accept a check payment.

You can use Forte Verify no matter how you accept checks. This is particularly nice for those omni-channel merchants who use a variety of channels. When implemented on a merchant account, Forte Verify will be performed every time you process a check or ACH transaction over the phone, on your mobile device (when using our mobile payments app), online (with our Checkout solution), and at the physical point of sale. Nice and easy. From anywhere.

This flexibility is really awesome. After all, you don’t process payments in a vacuum. You’re in the real world, and you should be able to jump to whatever channel you’d like, whenever you want to, with the same rigorous protection.

So what happens here?

The moment a check is entered, Forte Verify leaps into action. This might happen when your cashier runs a paper check through a reader. Or it could be when a customer enters their checking account information into an online payment form when they make a purchase or set up a recurring payment. It could be when your Customer Service takes a call and someone wants to give you their check information over the phone. And yep, it can also be when you’re typing eCheck information right into your smartphone or tablet. Instantly, in real-time.

Right at that moment, Forte Verify will make sure that the account is open with a positive balance by checking proprietary, bank and national databases. So business is good. This can also decrease errors at the point of capture: if it is entered incorrectly, the account will pop back as invalid. You’ll have peace of mind, right from the start. And the response? It’s a sub-second, actionable, and definitive one every single time. So you can stay in the know.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have any returns ever. We’ll keep working on that one. However, it does drastically reduce the chance of return without interrupting the regular flow of a transaction. For only 25¢ per transaction, you can process eChecks and ACH with smart security. Bundle it with our no-cost Check Recovery, and you’ve really hit the fraud prevention jackpot.

Want more info? Head over to Or you can give us a call at 866.290.5400, where we can’t wait to chat with you.

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