Now, I’m sure you’ve heard that we’re an omni-channel payment solution provider. If you don’t know what that means, fear not! You can always head back into time and revisit our blog series on omni-channel, starting here, to get a feel for things. But to sum things up, that basically means that you can accept payments on any channel you’d like, using the same processing services and reporting tools. Pretty nice, huh? (If you need to know what a payment channel is, we’ve got the post you’re looking for right over here.)

But maybe you didn’t know that you don’t necessarily need to get all of these channels at once. In fact, you’re free to choose exactly what you need and build from there. This means you could launch with just mobile, for example, then add on pieces as you grow.

In case you’re not sure what you need to start with, here’s a quick primer on the channels and why certain ones may be more advantageous than others.

Physical POS

The physical POS is a traditional payment channel, based on the good ol’ cash register. Now a cloud-based system, the physical POS can handle in-person payments of all kinds: retail purchases, office payments, bill payments, and more. If you’re looking to accept payments from customers right inside of your office or store, this is the way to go.


Taking payments over the phone is a great option to offer, especially for accepting bill payments, donations, and subscriptions. With an easy setup and automated touchtone system, your customers can avoid late payments with the convenience of grabbing the phone and simply dialing in. IVR is probably not a channel you would have on its own, but it really rounds out a payment solution when added to other channels.

Mobile payments

With mobile payments, you can accept both credit cards and eChecks from a smartphone or tablet. This is great for businesses that are on-the-go, or simply any business that wants to keep their hardware to a minimum. Using the free app and the iDynamo attachment, you can morph any mobile phone into a payment processing terminal. Many merchants find that using mobile payments instead of having a dedicated physical POS actually works better for them; you may find yourself in this same camp. Or not. But hey, no one’s judging! For more information on our mobile payments solution, visit

Online payments

Naturally, eCommerce websites are a perfect fit for an online payments solution. However, there are plenty of other merchants who might benefit from this particular channel. If you’d like to let customers pay bills online, sign up for memberships, pay donations online, pay rent, or nearly anything else that might be easily handled over your website, look no further. Online payments are the way to go. If you are interested in an online payments solution that doesn’t redirect customers to a different payment page, read up about Checkout at

Remember, you are free to start with any or all of these channels. You can add or eliminate any as your business changes. Excited yet? Give us a call at 866.290.5400.

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