Payment Basics: Bill Presentment

What is bill presentment?

According to Investopedia, bill presentment is simply “the submission of a bill in exchange for payment.” We use the term in reference to “electronic bill presentment and payment” or EBPP, which is “a process that allows bills to be created, processed and paid over the internet.”

On a side note, electronic billing is actually promoted by its own branch of NACHA, The Council for Electronic Billing and Payment. For more information on NACHA and ACH/EFT processing, be sure to read our Payment Basics blog post.

Bill presentment and EBPP products allow organizations to eliminate the hassle of paper billing. With electronic billing, the costs of preparing, processing, and sending paper bills and payments is eliminated or drastically reduced. This is appealing to the merchant, as postage and handling costs can be diminished. Paperless statements are becoming more and more popular, and it’s likely that you have experienced this technology with at least one of your own bills.

Using bill presentment services, the bill itself is transformed into a secure document that can be sent via email or viewed as a PDF through a secure online account. Typically, it is a replica of the paper bill, showing the customer account information like their balance, amount(s) owed, account number, and more.

Online account services allow for the safe viewing and management of outstanding amounts and account history via an online login. This may differ slightly from the information on the paperless bill, enabling customers to search for past owed amounts and payments, for example.

Additionally, payments are often made possible directly from the online account for added convenience. This allows customers to simply click and pay through a secure online payment gateway. Some services only allow certain types of payments, such as credit cards or ACH.

Bill presentment and EBPP products can vary greatly. Some companies offer only the payments piece, while others focus on the invoicing. Let’s talk a little bit more in detail about our particular product, BillPayIt.

About BillPayIt

Our bill presentment product, BillPayIt, offer many typical features of EBPP products. BillPayIt allows customers to look up what bills they owe and pay these bills online using Forte’s powerful payment gateway and payment processing services. BillPayIt accepts both credit/debit cards and eChecks/ACH.

BillPayIt helps merchants get a handle on their billing operations. Bills can be presented in PDF format online. The smart shopping cart functionality allows customers to add and pay multiple bills at once. Payment receipts can be both printed and emailed. Another omni-channel product, customers can view and pay from their desktop, mobile device or over the phone. Customizable options like billing rules and search grid fields are also available.

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