Partner Spotlight: Six Reasons The Master’s Touch, LLC Teamed Up with Forte

One of the key highlights of Forte Payment Systems is our integrated partner program. Good partnerships are hard to come by, but the combination of Forte’s comprehensive offerings and the strength of our exceptional partners are redefining the payments space.

Today we’re going to take a deeper dive into a partner of ours that works with a wide range of industries and clients, including government. The Master’s Touch, LLC is a print and mail company that has provided bill statement solutions since 1994.

Several years ago, The Master’s Touch, LLC  (TMT) developed an innovative way to present virtual images of customer bills on the internet and restrict access to only those who can validate their identity. The service, called “eNoticesOnline,” has quickly gained nationwide acceptance and is being utilized by government entities to allow their customers to access historical statements and view current bills without the nuisance of paper in the mail. TMT soon found a significant demand for paying those bills online and, after thoroughly vetting several payment providers, chose to join forces with Forte. This helps governments not only reduce delivery time for their statements and avoid postage and mailing costs, but it also reduces the payment deposit times by days in many instances.

We were fortunate enough to have time to chat with Jim Cote, President of The Master’s Touch, LLC. He helped identify the top reasons why his company picked Forte instead of another provider for their payment integration. “The decision to choose Forte was determined only after a rigorous review of all of the top providers in the country,” said Jim. Why? Let’s jump in.

Reason #1: Flexibility

Other providers just don’t have the same level of flexibility that Forte has made available to partners and merchants, Cote found while shopping around. “They [other providers] wanted The Master’s Touch, LLC to conform to their needs and rigid requirements rather than they conform to our preferences and desired results.” In comparison, Forte was able to help The Master’s Touch, LLC sculpt a customized solution with everything they needed and nothing they didn’t need.

Reason #2: Customer-Centric Philosophy

The Master’s Touch, LLC has always held a strong customer-centric philosophy, prioritizing customer service and care. Luckily, Forte isn’t much different. “Of those we reviewed, only Forte was prepared to offer the level of customer service our customers were accustomed to receiving from us,” said Cote. Of course, it wasn’t just service that they were looking for. The standards were high for the solution they would build, as well. Customers were ultimately a top concern. The solution needed to provide what they wanted and needed. “Our mutual desire to provide our customers with a cohesive solution coupled with outstanding customer service made the choice to use Forte the only logical choice.”

Reason #3: Government Experience

Both The Master’s Touch, LLC and Forte have many government clients. In fact, Forte has been providing services to over 10,000 government clients since 1998. Those are pretty big numbers. The combination can be astounding: “Our common customer base gives each of our organizations the knowledge and extensive experience to understand our client’s needs and anticipate the best solutions for them. Government clients are trained not to just accept the status quo, but to challenge both of us [The Master’s Touch, LLC and Forte] with their tough requirements and allow us to engineer unique solutions that provide new ways to solve tough problems they had previously been unable to solve,” remarked Cote. That’s powerful stuff.

Reason #4: Incredible Sales Staff

Jim Cote’s experience with the sales staff has been “some of the most professional and knowledgeable in this industry.” Even more, “their passion compliments ours: to do whatever is necessary to take care of the customer.”

Reason #5: Easy Onboarding

Integrating and launching a solution of this size can be daunting. However, according to Cote, Forte made the process “quick and professional with excellent customer service from beginning to end.” That’s what we like to hear. And that’s what you can expect.

Reason #6: eChecks

Another big reason that led The Master’s Touch, LLC to Forte was the eCheck feature. “eChecks are not common with many providers. Additionally, Forte offers check verification. The fee for them is so affordable and, coupled with our eNotices services, allows the customer to pay multiple bills at one time for a single low fee,” said Cote. eChecks are another great payment option to add to credit cards and offer customers more options.

These reasons, along with others like ease of use, quick funding, and payment channel options, all helped Jim Cote decide to select Forte as a partner for The Master’s Touch, LLC. As you can see, the options are nearly endless and the opportunities abound for partners. For more about The Master’s Touch, LLC visit For more information on what Forte can do specifically for partners with government software, visit here. Let’s jump on the same team.

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