Office Lunches You Won’t Hate

You can forget about lukewarm cans of Nos and stale Cheetos that destroy your pants and keyboard with these awesome office lunches.



Mason Jar Lunches

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user I Believe I Can Fry)

Check out these super easy salads you just plop in a mason jar. Of course, you can add a delicate string and fork for a little “twee” factor, but if you’re like me and most food ends up looking like stew anyway, this actually is pleasing to the eye all on its own. Even for the fairly gastronomically challenged. And guess what? Because of the way they are stacked, these salads can last all week. We can thank Niki Lowry for this idea. See the recipes here.



Bento Box Lunches

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If you aren’t into mixing, you can go the bento box route. It’s total food separation and isolation. Be warned: there is a cute factor involved in the construction of these boxes that just may humble and/or humiliate you, dependent on your craftsmanship with food-face construction. At the very least, you better be willing to wield a sandwich cutter and apply eyeballs to fruits.




(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Wendy Copley)

Although this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg… just Google image search “cute bento boxes.” You’ll see absolutely unreal manifestations. My aesthetic expectations for lunch have skyrocketed after witnessing the “Where The Wild Things Are” masterpiece. Just spend a little bit on the search. You won’t believe the things some people can do with sticky rice.

But for those of us who just want real-life possibilities, head over to this mega list (and title) of 34 Healthy and Eye-Catching Bento Box Lunch Ideas. Here you’ll find creations like Salmon Salad and Sweet Potato, Caprese, and Apricot-Pecan Penne.  Yum. While they all sound insanely good, the bonus is that they’re also healthy. That’s right. You are what you eat, or something, so don’t you want to be quinoa and flax seed? Being the sinister reflection of a Cup-O-Noodles isn’t like what it was in college.


Lunch Wraps

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Now, if all else fails, you can just cram a bunch of things into a tortilla and you instantly have deliciousness. Wraps are great variations on sandwiches because you can a) better capture more intriguing food stuffs than when using bread, b) endlessly rotate between variations of wraps (pitas, flavored tortillas, naan, thin Chinese pancakes), c) not feel the “after-bread” deadness when you need to get back to work. Plus they’re easy to assemble, a cinch to carry, and not obnoxious to inhale. Check out a great list of wrap ideas here from Healthy. Happy. Life.

These three great basic takes on the office lunch can really break you out of your PBJ routine. But if all else fails, say around Thursday, you can just do what feels right:



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Photo credit: Randy Heinitz

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