New Streamlined Application Process and Pricing Packages

At Forte, we’re constantly finding ways we can improve our products and services that better fulfill our customers’ needs. It’s just all in a day’s work, really.

As part of this ongoing effort, we have some exciting news to share. We will now be offering a streamlined application process along with two new simplified pricing packages.

We now offer two straightforward pricing options: Standard and Select+. Most merchants will opt for the Standard package, as Select+ is our interchange plus pricing model for enterprise merchants processing at high volumes. However, remember that you are free to change your pricing model at any time. Simply give us a call at 866.378.0001 to adjust.

The new application has minimal fields, only three steps, and takes just minutes to fill out. Many of our underwriting steps have been expedited, cutting down the time it takes to hear a decision. When you’re ready to apply for a Forte account with Standard pricing, you now click “Sign up” to get started with the new application. You’ll be asked to enter some information about your business, owner/officer, and banking account. Once you apply, you’ll hear back shortly with a decision (usually within 24 hours).

If you need our Select+ interchange plus rates, you’ll need to speak with someone to get custom pricing. You can either fill out the form located on our pricing page or call us at 866.378.0001.

These changes give merchants a more simplified way to get started with Forte. We still offer all of our products and services to give you a fully-loaded payment solution, and each account comes with cloud-based reporting, dedicated support, and acceptance on any channel.

Visit to access the new application and pricing options.

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