NBC News tells you what to do about the Target credit card breach.

Some 40 million credit and debit cards were compromised from the massive data breach at Target stores. All shoppers who purchased items using the in-store checkout from Black Friday to December 15th are at risk. Stolen data included names, card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV codes. Please note that these CVV codes are reportedly the CVV1 code (All Things D) found in the magnetic stripe on the card, not the CVV2 code which is the three-digit number located on the back of your card. This means the risk of fraudulent charges online or over the phone are not likely. There are currently no reports of stolen PIN numbers, which would enable bank account access.* Online shoppers who used Target.com are not at risk.

If you happened to make a purchase at a Target store during this time, there are several actions you should take in order to protect yourself. These include cancelling your card, alerting all three credit bureaus, and closely monitoring your accounts.

Read more about the incident and what to do here, courtesy of NBC News.

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*Updated information: At the time of the report, there was no indication of PIN numbers involved in the breach. On December 27th, the retailer reported via ABC15 that encrypted PIN numbers were among the stolen data. Payment experts are suggesting potentially vulnerable shoppers cancel their cards and request new ones. They should continue to monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity. 

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