Definitely a hot topic, mobile payments has taken over the electronic payments industry. Everyone is buzzing with digital wallet news, and related apps are emerging. But most of the buzz is based on the receiving end: We think of mobile as consumers, not merchants. We consider using a device to pay, but not so much whether we’d use it to collect payments. Let’s jump into the other set of shoes.

Many merchants may have the wrong idea about mobile payments, and these fallacies may be detrimentally keeping them from taking the plunge. In fact, selecting a mobile payments option for a business is a wise investment. Some of the numbers that support the booming industry can be found here in our blog post. There’s a huge market waiting to be scooped up, both by the solutions providers and the businesses that will need them.

So what could be holding merchants back from choosing a mobile solution? Here are some myths we debunked about mobile payments:

Only little start-ups use them

Mobile payments are being used by all kinds of merchants. Although the industry is a natural fit for smaller, artisan merchants that demand some portability (food trucks, art sales, etc.), it isn’t at all exclusive.

Large companies like JC Penney and Nordstrom have started to implement mobile payment solutions in their stores. In fact, it’s a stroke of strategic genius. Looking for the cashier kiosks in larger retail spaces can feel like stumbling after the Cheshire Cat. An immediately available mobile-equipped employee can eliminate second thoughts on purchases.

It’s too much work

Actually, many companies are choosing to eradicate dedicated terminals altogether – choosing mobile instead. The hassle and cost of maintaining a large system, along with its subsequent support needs, can paint a pretty convincing picture for mobile payments.

The technology is unreliable

The technological landscape for mobile solutions is rapidly innovating. Kept in check by concurrent competitors, every provider is determined to advance and emerge victorious. An industry requirement is continual system overhaul and the corresponding facelifts – everyone wants to make sure they kill their bugs, and these advancements are proliferating beyond our expectations.

Most solutions come standard with support, like Forte Mobile Payments does with its superior service. Mobile payments are no longer a figment of the imagination. Technology can be depended upon. In fact, we’re dependent on it.

Customers would rather just pay normally

If you didn’t check out our other blog post earlier for the numbers, go there now. People are going to use mobile payments. The statistics show that customers aren’t having any problems getting on board, so long as the solution works.

Additionally, using a mobile payment solution is a great way to give off a hip company culture. Demonstrating that you are not just aware of current technologies, but effectively utilizing them, excites and intrigues customers. It also signifies an industry alertness, readiness to change, and an enterprising attitude – all things that point to success.

Mobile solutions are an investment to the future, promising optimal and expandable solutions for a consumer-driven industry.

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