Mithun Patel prefers brunch, craft beers, and middle earth. In fact, if he had his way, he wouldn’t be mulling about in this somewhat drab universe, but you might find him venturing far into the mountainous region of Mordor, speaking in a variety of tongues and traversing incredulous terrain.

But if on this earth, well, then you might find him catching a Tottenham game at Trinity Hall on Mockingbird or ordering Angry Frito Pie at Oddfellows.

If he gets to pick his ideal day? Then it’s an early morning bike ride: several hours on the trails when it’s chilly and crisp, the edges of the day still blurred, the lights of the night still purring. Then he’s back home, spending much-cherished time in his beloved vegetable garden with his 15-month-old son. Mithun will teach him the necessary gardening wisdom, tricks and tips from the Farmer’s Almanac and intuitive hints learned from the wind and the sun. He will bend down and tell him endless tidbits, like how to harvest the most salient of peppers and when to transplant the sweet potato slips. Of course, at 15 months, his son might not be listening quite yet. But you’ve got to start somewhere.

If this is the ideal day, then Mithun will finish up in the garden and find his way to the kitchen, where he can toss together a hearty brunch for his family. He will watch a good soccer game and finish his day with some technical reading. He likes to get some coding in before bed and relishes reading up on the latest and greatest stuff while everyone else in the house is peaceful and sleeping.

Mithun Patel is a Virgo from Belgaum, India. He went to school in Ohio and was working at another company for seven years before he came to Forte. He didn’t have any previous experience in payments, but he was looking for a smaller company who was nimble enough to really let him sculpt inspired applications without a lot of hassle. Mithun has been in Texas since 2003, but he just started working at Forte as a Software Developer III in August of last year.

So far, Mithun has been architecting one of Forte’s latest offerings from the ground up. Every day he comes to work on this massive project, checking daily to see if the features for that particular sprint are completed and looking for ways to improve it. For Mithun, the performance of the application is one of the most integral aspects of the project. He is constantly looking for new methods and ideas to enhance performance.

“Being on the cutting edge gives me a lot of pride and satisfaction, but equally important to me is architecting it. I love architecting software. This is the first place I’m doing it on such a massive scale, and I’m able to communicate openly and easily with everyone in order to get the job done most effectively. That’s a big deal,” Mithun says.

Mithun sees a lot of potential with the way Forte is building new products for the payments industry. Responsive design allows products like Checkout to be accessible in a lot more places, like on tablets and mobile devices. Single Page Applications enhance user experience by making websites highly responsive. “No more page reloads. Our newer applications talk to the server only when they need data. Everything else happens on the client. This makes our products blazing fast, leading to a more pleasurable experience while dramatically increasing our customers’ productivity.” The RESTful APIs empower developers with data. “By allowing developers to consume our REST APIs, we give them the ability to do more with their data. They can create customized reports, apps, or portals exposing data that is important and relevant to them,” he says.

So, for Mithun, the possibilities are endless. Working at Forte has given him the freedom and power to architect something of his own, but he still has the support and tools he needs to really push things in a dynamic and inspired way.

In the meantime, is it time for migas and the Spurs?

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