Lowering PCI Burden by Integrating Payments

A large responsibility for many credit card merchants is PCI compliance. Learning what it is and how to manage it becomes a major part of any payment processing plan, but did you know that you can lower your PCI scope while integrating payments into your existing software? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, the entire process is rather seamless and can bring a host of benefits to a partner.

We’ve established what an integrated partner is, but let’s refresh. An integrated partner is someone who uses some or all of a payment processor’s solutions in conjunction with their own existing software products. Unlike a typical merchant who might be simply processing payments, a partner might have a product set in place that simply needs a payments piece.

Partners, like merchants, are concerned with PCI compliance because PCI compliance affects everyone that is processing card payments. The PCI SSC created the requirements to help establish norms and standards, and these standards are used across the board for anyone storing, processing, or transmitting cardholder data. (For more information on PCI compliance and our PCI program, visit www.forte.net/pci.)

A partner will have to consider how to become PCI compliant if they want to add payments to their software because they will be handling cardholder data. This can be an extensive and time-consuming project. Many partners simply do not have the time or resources to dedicate to this endeavor and look for an easier method.

Luckily, partners can outsource their data management by integrating with a PCI compliant payment provider. This way, the payment provider is responsible for adhering to PCI regulations. Data is handled by the provider, and the partner does not have to worry about not meeting the standards.

For a software partner, this is a win-win. Integrating payments can drive revenue and round out a powerful existing product, but the hassle of dealing with PCI compliance can make adding payments a headache. By integrating with someone who is already PCI compliant and handles the sensitive data, a software partner can focus on what they do best: building their product.

The best way to get started is to research payment providers and determine which ones are certified PCI compliant. If you can’t find this information easily on a website, you can also give them a call and ask.

Forte’s payment processing is certified PCI compliant for partners and merchants. This means when you integrate with Forte, you can rest assured that your payment processing is PCI compliant. For more information on our integrated partner program, visit here or call 866.290.5400.

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