It’s Better Here: 5 Reasons to Choose Forte as Your One-Stop Payment Source

Finding time really shouldn’t be a luxury afforded to only the few. In this technology-laden era, the ability to dynamically fuse together services so that you can move swiftly, assuredly, and efficiently through each day isn’t asking a whole lot. It seems par for the course in our app-driven, smartphone-enabled environment. So why are you fumbling with multiple companies just to get paid?

The precise mechanics behind electronic payment processing can be confusing and, in response, companies have appeared dotted all over the horizon to fill the void for each aspect of the transaction process. What is typically unknown to most people is that there are actually multiple players involved in all of this. When you sign up for merchant services, you may not realize that you are only acquiring one piece of the pie, such as the payment gateway, terminal, or processor. You may not be getting all of them.

Under more traditional, parceled-out setups, you may need to piece together your payment processing solutions using a host of different companies. This means little to no dialogue between them. This also may mean getting to know Bob, Jennifer, and Serena from their respective support stations in far too intimate of terms.

You also may end up fielding a plethora of back-and-forth phone calls and emails, translating between the separate companies that handle your payments. Additionally, this means multiple statements, reports, and logins. Keeping track of everything is cumbersome and can easily become overwhelming.

Forte Payment Systems is one of the only merchant services’ providers with a single source solution. That means we offer everything all in one place, so that things can move fluidly and assuredly through our channels.

Here are five of the top reasons why Forte should be your one-stop source for all things electronic payments:

 1. Natural Compatibility

Choosing one of Forte’s customizable merchant packages allows you to process exactly the way you want to. All of our pieces can be pulled apart or stacked together easily, so that they integrate effectively and ideally. We know exactly how each of our features work, so there are no surprises in navigating or arranging the landscape.

 2. A Single, Secure Connection

Forte’s Payments Gateway and Virtual Terminal are both included in most of our packages at absolutely no cost. (They are also available on their own, if you already have a piece of the pie cooking in your oven). This means that the link between processing is crystal clear: it comes from us, to us, and through us.

3. One-Click or Call Service

Despite the tender intimacy that may be growing between you and your legions of support specialists, it may just be time to admit that making a single phone call (or email) will just be better. Eliminate the wasted time and effort it takes to handle multiple company relationships. Our knowledgeable mavens couple their friendly, Texas-sized hospitality with technological gusto and expertise. We’ll do our best to get you through any issue, large or small, in just a single click or call.

4. Affordable Pricing Packages

Because we can offer you everything, you get straight-up honest pricing for the whole show. No more perplexing pricing riddles with hidden fees, Forte can provide affordable packages that show you the cost for every single swipe and potential event. All are feature-rich and naturally compatible, keeping your money right where it belongs.

5. VIP Access to Industry Breakthroughs

Forte honors and anticipates the latest breakthroughs and technological advances in the industry. As a result, our team is constantly humming along on the brink of new development, keeping a trained and steady eye on exciting up-and-coming features, applications, and products. Be always on the cusp of the next great thing, but consistently able to trust us.

It just makes sense to go with an all-in-one provider. Save yourself the hassles and the headaches. Research, think it over and reach on out when you’re ready. We’ve been doing this a long time, for thousands of recognizable merchants who have learned the not-so-secret truth: it’s our Forte.

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