Integrated Partners 101: What They Are and Why You Should Become One

If you’ve been paying attention to our social media or perusing our home page, you may have noticed posts and a section dedicated to our Integrated Partner Program.

But what exactly is an integrated partner – and what are the benefits to becoming one with Forte?

An integrated partner is someone who uses some or all of Forte’s solutions in conjunction with their own existing software products. Integrated partners may already have a strong software solution in place. For example, they might have written some incredible rental property, health management, or government software that helps these industries perform back office duties or streamline their operations. What they might be missing is the payments piece. Maybe they have everything else, but want to be able to offer their customers a way to accept payments embedded right into their software so that customers don’t need to search elsewhere for a way to process bills, payments, or taxes.

This is where Forte comes in. Forte is an industry leader in the payment industry, providing secure and scalable solutions since 1998. We are equipped with the ability to process both cards and electronic checks on a wide variety of channels, and we can integrate this ability right into existing software so you can offer the total package to your customer base.

This is the power of integrated partnerships, and we’re excited that we can offer such a comprehensive product. Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming an integrated partner.


Our solutions can be customized and hand-selected just for your particular software needs, so you determine exactly what is necessary and helpful for your clients. Just add mobile credit card processing, if that’s your thing or opt for online eCheck processing with fraud solutions. You’re free to choose from our suite of payment solutions and products to create a robust, specialized offering.

Unified & Comprehensive

We offer a single source solution, which means that everything is housed with us and everything funnels into one cloud-based reporting system. With this, you don’t need to chase down information or combine reports. Everything you need with come from one platform, which makes it easier to integrate and easier for your customers to process payments.

Easy Integration

Forte allows partners to integrate in a number of ways, including AGI, REST, Forte.js, and Secure WebPay. All of these methods have different benefits and can be discussed with a payment professional as you start to gather more information about partnering. Either way, you have options – and integration is done quickly with full support all the way.


We offer top-notch security, including fraud reduction solutions like check verification, account updater, and NSF re-presentment. We also are Level 1 PCI compliant and have a PCI compliance program, which can help ease your burden. Our payment forms are secure, and transactions are processed using tokenization, encryption, and EMV-ready hardware.

Free & Revenue Share Opportunities

Last, but not least, the Integrated Partner Program at Forte is free to join and participate in, making it an incredible deal for partners. We also offer competitive rates and revenue share opportunities.

For more information about what we provide for partners, visit here or call us at 866.290.5400 to speak to a payment professional. Forte is dedicated to building powerful and intelligent payment solutions for everyone, and those that partner with us learn why we’ve performed consistently as a top processor for companies like Square, Verizon, Progressive, LA Fitness, Geico, and Virgin.

Find out more today.

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