Infographic & Report: Mobile shopping in 2015

Mobile Payments Today partnered with Moki and Intel to publish an infographic highlighting the role of the store in mobile shopping programs.

In the infographic, we learn that while 81% of customers get their info online, a whopping 90% of sales still happen in the store. A number of solutions that link the mobile experience to in store shopping are suggested, including the implementation of mobile POS systems. A wise decision, as “Retailers who give their staff tablets see a sales increase of 20-30%.”

In addition, a companion report titled “Hearts on fire or ashes to ashes? Reigniting the retail industry’s love affair with in-store mobile technology” was also published. You can download the report after signing up for a free account and downloading the infographic here.

Photo credit: gall

Moki and Intel infographic on mobile shopping 2015


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