The Inc. 5000 Holds Together the Economy

Every year Inc. magazine releases its list of the Inc. 5000, an exclusive ranking of America’s fastest-growing private companies. It’s a big deal to be awarded the honor, which relies on explosive revenue growth figures to qualify. This is Forte’s sixth year to make it (we’re on the Honor Roll again), and we’re thrilled around here. Although we take the award as an honor, it’s also a challenge to surpass ourselves. So while we’re bursting with excitement, we’re also amped to get busy.

After releasing the list, Inc. Magazine also released an article stating that the common denominator in each Inc. 5000 business was their performance. Noting that “the Inc. 5000 is, by and large, a more esoteric crowd,” the article expresses the integral piece that all of these companies play in making not only the Inc. 500 crowd, but the economy altogether, survive. In fact, the author goes as far as to say the Inc. 5000 are “the sinews of our economic physiology.” That’s a pretty big responsibility.

This is true. In fact, Forte plays a critical part in keeping the economy afloat. Underneath every electronic payment, there’s a processor like us making it all work. Forte ensures that every online bill payment and credit card swipe goes uninterrupted. We carry the funds all the way through from the start to finish securely with optimized protection and unbeatable efficiency. This is the backbone to all businesses and the entire economy, and here’s how.

Think of all of the places where electronic payments happen. It’s so pervasive, it actually becomes hard to recognize. At most physical retailers, you might think you’re just swiping your debit card to get gas, but the POS is often held together by a virtual terminal which helps process the payments. That’s us. When you pay your electric bill online, that’s us. We provide the integrated software that gives you that online checkout page and your shopping cart. We also encrypt the payment data and push the funds to and from the banks.

If a single payment isn’t protected, accurate, or efficient – guess who pays? The customer, the merchant, the merchant’s business – and the economy. Electronic payments are integral to the entire financial industry. Without payments, there is no revenue. Without revenue, there is no business. Without business, guess what? There is no economy. It all falls apart.

So it was no real surprise when Inc. magazine chose to expose the game changers on their Inc. 5000 list as critical to the entire economic landscape. Taking a look at the facts and figures of the companies shows just how impactful they are. For example, the aggregate growth rate for the energy industry is a whopping 209%. Financial services hits at 149%, while government services follows closely at 144%. With strong influence and advancements in these industries, it’s no stretch to claim that the Inc. 5000 help hold our economy together.

Let us be the sinew. We’re delighted to do so.

Trust in our comprehensive suite of electronic payment solutions. We’ve designed them with give, so that they can be adjusted and customized to every need of your business. Learn more here.

Photo credit: Chelsea Gomez (Oakes)

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Forte makes the Inc. 5000 for the seventh year in a row.
@fortepayments graces the #Inc5000 list for the 6th year in a row @inc5000 #SixYears

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