How Can BillPay Help You Get Paid on Time?

Does your business involve installing new flooring in homes or building websites for local restaurants? While service-based businesses differ vastly in what they do, they all have one thing in common.

Waiting for customers to pay bills — or for funds to come through after a customer pays a bill — can be a burden.

Fortunately, modern billing tools makes the process easier for both billers and payers. Forte’s BillPay is one of these tools.

What is BillPay?

BillPay is an electronic bill presentment solution created by Forte Payment Systems. It’s designed to be simple and intuitive, yet powerful enough to securely accept payments of all types.

The BillPay portal can be accessed on any device and can be customized to feature your business’ imaging and messaging.

BillPay has a variety of features, including:

  • The ability to quickly pay as a guest or register for an account to access advanced functionality
  • The option to pay one or multiple bills, in full or with partial payments
  • The ability to schedule payments in advance
  • The choice to have payments automatically debited from a stored payment method when a bill is due
  • Custom notification settings, such as setting up alerts when bills are due

Now that you know a little more about BillPay, let’s discuss why using such a tool can prove beneficial in getting paid on time.

The Perks of Electronic Bill Presentment

You don’t see many paper bills being handed out and then paid for with paper checks anymore. Digitizing payments is the way of the future, largely because they make it much easier to keep records and search for items. This can mean less time spent filing paperwork and more time spent doing what your business does so well.

Digital billing is easier on customers too. They no longer have to sift through stacks of junk mail to find the correct bill, then dig around for a stamp and send out a physical payment. Rather, bills land directly in their inbox and they can choose their own payment preference, often with just a few simple clicks.

With these basic examples (which only just begin to highlight the benefits), it’s easy to see how electronic billing can provide more flexibility on both sides. When it’s easier for people to pay — and in a method that suits their needs — they’re far more likely to take care of it as opposed to putting it off. Making it easier and simpler for customers to pay on their own schedule increases the chances of your business getting paid on time.

Are you interested in seeing if electronic bill presentment is right for your business? You can get more info and give it a shot for yourself by contacting Forte!

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