Google Checkout Ends on Nov. 20

Google Checkout, the company’s payment processing solution, will no longer maintain functionality on November 20th, 2013. The announcement was made earlier this summer. The payment option was initiated on June 29, 2006, lasting nearly seven years before being retired.

As a result, merchants that utilized the platform will need to get their payment ducks in a row well in advance to avoid any potential disruptions. Making a smart decision will ease along a smooth transition, and there’s no smarter payment processing decision than Forte.

Forte offers a myriad of payment solutions that are customizable to benefit any business needs. As a single source solution, our wide range of options can completely transform the payments operation of any sized organization. Forte’s robust suite of processing services can anticipate your growth and development, and are designed to last over a lifetime.

We can provide you with the same functionality as Google Checkout, plus you get added perks like our virtual terminal, cloud reporting, and comprehensive fraud protection. Mention “Google Checkout” and we’re prepared to wipe all setup fees off of your invoice.

What to Do:

Apply for Forte’s payment solutions as soon as possible (aka right now). Be aware that application approval times will be dependent on a number of various, unforeseeable factors – so if you’re smart, you want to get started by mid-October. We recommend applying no later than October 31st for your best chances of being prepared to make a seamless transition.

Our application process generally can take 3-7 days to complete. Additionally, you may want to be up and running earlier in order to attend a training webinar and receive customized help with setup and integration. Keep in mind you will also need to cease your agreement with Google Checkout no matter what, so it never hurts to get that sorted out before the very last moment.

Making the transition is easy as pie. Simply call 866.378.0001, or click here to get started.

Photo credit: Cheon Fong Liew

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