Forte Now Supports MC 2 Series BIN Range

MasterCard implemented a new 2 series BIN range that became effective last October in 2016. The new BIN range is processed exactly as the previous 51-55 series BIN range. In a previous blog post, we defined the BIN number and its purpose.

All of Forte’s products now support the new 2 series BIN range. This includes products for both card present and card not present scenarios, such as the following:

  1. VX520 terminal
  2. Secure WebPay Checkout
  3. Forte Checkout
  4. AGI
  5. Rest Web Services

What should I do?

Most merchants do not need to take any additional action. Everything is ready to go. Simply start accepting MasterCard credit cards with the new BIN series via any of our Forte products.

If, however, you are using your own checkout screen via Forte.js or making direct calls to AGI to process transactions, you will need to modify your checkout screens so that they accept the new BIN series and do not consider it invalid. Those using Forte’s checkout methods do not need to make this change.

It may be helpful to evaluate internal processes to see if there is anything you’d like to adjust. You might want to take a closer look at your fraud management systems, dispute resolution systems and staff training/education. It would be wise to update your staff and include information regarding the new BIN series in training materials.

How will this change benefit me?

Because Forte now supports the new 2 series, you can accept any of the newly issued cards with this range using our products and do not need to turn down any customers with these cards. Additionally, you will not be subject to any fines associated with not supporting the new range.

Who should I contact with questions?

If you have additional questions related to using Forte products with the new BIN series, please contact Customer Service at 866.290.5400 (Option 1).

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