Once received, our busy bees get to it right away. We’ll open up your application packet as soon as we can, and a processor will let you know if there’s anything additional we need for this initial review.  As soon as everything is in order and complete, the processors send the applications forward to our underwriting department for a more detailed review.

At this point, the underwriters may reach out to you directly if they have any particular questions. Sometimes they just need to get a better understanding of your business. This allows them to give you the limits best suited to your company. A lot of times, people feel overwhelmed and anxious about the underwriting segment. Don’t worry! Our underwriters are the best in the business and will let you know exactly what they might need.

The underwriters will either approve or decline applications. You will be notified of the decision once they make it. If approved, your application goes to enrollment for setup. You will be sent a Welcome Letter once enrolled. Your Welcome Letter will have all of the information you may need, such as your unique Merchant ID, passwords and how to sign up for training webinars. You can now start your victory dance!

Typically, an application gets received, processed, underwritten, and enrolled in 2-7 days. Of course, occasional oddities have occurred (like ice storms in Texas), but you can rest assured that we will still get to it the moment we can.

From here, you can contact our amazing team of support specialists at CustomerService@forte.net (866.290.5400) for any questions you have once your account has been created.

In case you missed the other two posts in this series, journey back and learn about our application process from Fill Out An Application! Part 1.

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