Made the decision to sign on? It’s a smart one. Joining Forte gives you access to a myriad of resources, technologies, and tools to help develop your business through payment processing. Here’s a breakdown of the application process – just so there are no surprises along the way.

However you got to us, you should have been in contact with someone that either gave you a paper application to complete or has linked you to our easy online application process. We know you are, in fact, one of the sharpest and savviest business minds out there, but don’t gloss over this one. It could slow down your approval time.

This is step one.

Fill out the application completely.

1)      Names

  • Use the exact legal name for the entity that you have on file with the Secretary of State. For Sole Proprietorships, this can sometimes be the business owner’s full legal name.
  • Designate a DBA. This will be what shows up on your customer’s bill. You can use up to 25 characters. Some choose to stick with their legal name; others have a designated DBA that they have assigned to their business. Keep in mind that while the legal name has to match the IRS records exactly, the DBA can really be of your choosing.

2)      Address

  • Provide an address for the legal entity.
  • Provide a physical address for the DBA field. We cannot accept PO Boxes here.

3)      Business Information

  • Be sure to indicate the type of business in reference to the legal name, as well as the Tax ID. Only Sole Proprietorships and Single-Member LLCs can put the last 4 of their SSN in this field. If you get a chance, let us know if you are a Single-Member LLC either by including it in a cover letter or email or by writing this in on the application. Then we won’t bug you later on.

4)      Bank account

  • Provide the routing number and account number for the account you wish to use for settlement. This account is for funds to settle or be deposited. This way you can keep track of your transaction amounts. After it posts here, it can be moved to any other account you like. This account must be a business checking account, and it must match the voided check you include in your application.
  • Provide the routing number and account number for the billing account, if you choose to distinguish the two. The billing account is associated with fees from us and will only be used for this purpose. If you do not designate a billing account, the settlement account will be used. We do not need a voided check or any bank statements for this account.

5)      Owner/Officer

  • Fill out the owner/officer section completely. Be sure to include your first and last name, date of birth, and the last 4 of your SSN. Keep in mind this section is necessary due to Patriot Act regulations, and we cannot move the application forward without this information.

6)      Processing Limits

  • Choose your limits. Give us an estimate (or an exact figure, if you have it) of what your processing limits would be. We will require a monthly limit, along with an average and maximum ticket limit. The monthly limit cannot be exceeded by either of the other two limits. See Fill Out An Application! Part 2 for a breakdown of the exact documents you’ll need for your particular limit requests.

7)      Pricing

  • Choose pricing and features. Often these will be figured out by one of our Sales Representatives, who will be able to answer any questions you may have about pricing and offer you comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

8)      Personal Guaranty

  • Understand and sign the Personal Guaranty. Signing here means that the signer will take on any legal and financial responsibility on behalf of the business should this business fail to meet these obligations. You  also permit us to pull a credit report on the signer.

9)      Acceptance of Terms

  • Sign the Acceptance of Merchant Terms. This is it! If you say go, sign here – we’ll get this in motion.

Now that you have this portion completed, you are probably starting to get overwhelmed with your excitement. This is normal. Next, you will need to gather a few materials together so that we can process your application without any snags or hiccups. See Fill Out An Application! Part 2 for instructions on how to keep the ball rolling.

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