Fetch New Veterinary Clients with Smart Integrated Payment Solutions

Does your veterinary practice management software stand out from the pack? There are dozens of competing products in the veterinary space, and vet practices are under pressure to control costs while providing excellent care. Here’s how integrating a comprehensive payment solution can save your customers time and money, help them offer more payment options to their clients, and increase your revenue stream.

Value for your customers

By adding Forte tools to your products, you give your customers the flexibility to take payments however they choose and the security of top-of-the-line data protection.

Easy, secure transactions. Forte’s Virtual Terminal lets your customers breeze through transaction management: Log in, take payments, view reports. They can set up and manage individual permissions for their employees easily for transaction processing and real-time report access. They can use the Virtual Terminal not only for individual transactions but also for recurring payments and for re-presentment of returned transactions. It’s all secured with tokenization plus payment-fraud controls.

The payment methods your customers want. Credit and debit card transactions are fast, easy, and popular, but some of your customers may have clients who prefer to pay by check. Forte’s point-of-sale paper-to-eCheck conversion tool and optional real-time check verification feature reduce the cost and the risk of accepting checks. For vets who provide mobile patient care and offsite pet clinics, our mobile payment tools plus an iDynamo reader turn their smartphones into payment terminals, so they can authenticate and securely process card and check payments on the spot.

Easy recurrent billing setup for valued clients. The cost of veterinary care can be high, and for some customers, splitting the bill over several payments can be a way to build stronger and more profitable client relationships over the long run. Veterinarians who want to offer their clients a no-cost payment plan can set it up easily with their Virtual Terminal for hassle-free recurring billing. It’s a win-win-win for vet, client, and patient.

Value for you

While you add value to your solution for customers, we add value to your business with free tools for branding and tech support, payments compliance, and more.

Save money and ditch stress. Processing card payments is a big responsibility, and everyone who handles payments must meet international card-data security standards or face potentially business-killing liability costs in the event of a breach. Our PCI-DSS compliant status saves our partner developers big bucks and big worries by taking payment data-security compliance responsibilities off your shoulders to keep your payment processes, your customers’ data, and your revenues safe.

Strengthen your brand. We’re not shy about tooting our own horn, but we also love to support developers behind the scenes, both on screen and over the phone. You can customize our tools to suit your site design and branding for a congruent customer experience. Integrate our tech support team with your customer-service number and greeting for expert live help under your brand.

Make more money. When your company partners with Forte, you earn money on each transaction your customers complete. As more of your customers use your company-branded Forte solution, your revenues grow without any extra effort on your end.

Are you ready to fetch more features for your veterinary practice management software and generate more revenue at the same time? Call us at 866.290.5400 or email sales@forte.net.

Photo credit: Michal Kulesza

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