Eyes on Checkout: Exclusive Product Overview

In case you missed it, we just launched our latest product in the long line of solutions aimed at simplifying payments: 3rd generation Checkout.

Oh, yeah! It happened at ETA’s Transact 14. Check out our press release here.

But maybe you weren’t able to make it to the show, or you missed the PR. Fret not, my dear payment friend. We can break it down right here, right now.

What is Checkout?

Checkout is an online payments solution that settles down in the same camp as other, similarly named products from Stripe, Authorize.Net, Chase, and more. But we have a few distinguishing characteristics that separate us at camp from the other lunch tables. I’ll get to that in a minute.

First, Checkout basically lets you take payments online. It works really well for eCommerce businesses. Let’s say you have a website, and you need to take payments on it. This could be for something like tax payments to shoes to donations; Checkout really doesn’t care what you’re using it for. It’s a pretty flexible, eager-to-please partner. For the sake of the example, let’s say it’s shoes. You’re selling lovely, fluffy moccasins. You have customers shopping from your online store, but you want to offer them a comprehensive, powerful, and secure way of “checking out” and paying online.

Easy. Integrate Checkout. (This is simple, by the way. Checkout was designed by developers with developers in mind and literally asks you to only drop in a simple line of code. Very kind.)

Checkout will be the form where your customer would enter their payment information so that they can pay. It’s sleek, clean, and modern design actually hovers right over your existing website. We built it to help reduce cart abandonment and maximize your sales by keeping your customer right on your page, eliminating the redirect to another page. This instills and builds trust as they are right where they want to be, with the brand they want to buy from.

But Checkout isn’t just any old checkout solution. Checkout was crafted specifically to meet and exceed those areas where other checkouts might fall short.

For example, Checkout has the option (seamlessly built in) of selecting both credit/debit card and eCheck payments. Most checkout solutions only process credit cards, but Forte wanted a checkout that worked with every single one of their solutions (single source, always on the mind). So they built it with eCheck/ACH capabilities. Checkout also feeds right into the Virtual Terminal for comprehensive, cloud-based reporting – right along with all of our other solutions – for total management.

Checkout has a crazy lot of options. You can choose to run a single transaction, set up a recurring set, or simply tokenize or authorize only. You can also select how you want the amount owed to be: a range (like $10-$100), a locked-down single amount (like $37.50), buttons with options (like $10, $20, $30, etc.), or blank (so the customer can enter it themselves). This is perfect for distinguishing between bills, purchases, and donations. It’s got incredible e-wallet functions, too, like storing payment information for repeat customers. You can decide whether to accept credit cards (and which cards to accept) and/or eChecks. Pretty sweet deal.

Remember earlier when I said this was made by developers, for developers? I meant that. Some of our developer-friendly features include the ability to gather results via webhooks, callback functionality, or both; professional implementation with signature-based authentication; advanced form field settings; and the choice of capturing payment information manually, via e-wallet, or with a simple swipe of the card. Checkout was also built using the Angular MVC framework, which means tighter, smaller, and more organized code.

A big concern with building an online payments platform is, naturally, security. Checkout’s security features are rigorous. Payment tokenization is built right on as an option, and the form itself is secure and requires the CVV code for credit and debit cards. It’s also PCI level 1 compliant, so hey! You can reduce overall scope, and that’s always a plus.

Feel like you’ve got a better grasp? I sure hope so. Checkout is a knockout product loaded with features. Still have questions? No worries! Feel free to give us a call at 866.290.5400, comment below, or tweet us. We’d love to tell you more or help you get started.

Photo credit: Xiaojun Deng



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