ETA Announces Forte Payment Systems as One of First Companies to Achieve ETA Self-Regulation Certificate

February 18, 2019 – ALLEN, TX – The Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) has announced that Forte Payment Systems, a CSG company, has successfully demonstrated industry acumen by attesting that they adopt and utilize the ETA Guidelines on Merchant and ISO Underwriting and Risk Monitoring to become a participant in the ETA Self-Regulation Program.

“The ETA Self-Regulation Program affirms the payments industry’s commitment to maintaining robust risk management programs and provides a benchmark for the industry,” stated Amy Zirkle, Vice President of Industry Affairs of ETA.

ETA SRP verifies the risk practices of ISOs, acquirers, and Payment Facilitators through an attestation process run by the ETA. The program is based on the ETA’s Guidelines on Merchant and ISO Underwriting and Risk Monitoring and the Risk Guidelines for Payment Facilitators which were created, and are regularly updated, by ETA members with expertise in relevant areas of risk management and compliance.

The Guidelines are grounded in the operating regulations of the various payment networks, existing governmental regulations, and industry best practices for risk management. They are a tool to assist those developing risk management policies within the payments industry.

“Forte Payment Systems is proud to be one of the first payments technology companies to successfully achieve participation in the ETA Self-Regulation Program,” said Jeff Thorness, President of Forte Payment Systems. “We must lead by example in regards to demonstrating a deep commitment to high standards in risk management, as well as to the safety and security of the entire payments ecosystem.”

About Forte Payment Systems

Forte Payment Systems, a CSG company, provides industry-leading payment processing solutions, custom-tailored and scaled to the needs of your business. Our all-in-one approach gives you the ability to accept any type of payment on any device and across any channel, which has led to 15+ year partnerships. Forte’s innovative payment solutions are built with the most modern security protocols to protect sensitive payment data and protect your business from fraud liability. We’re Forte and we know payments.

About the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)

The Electronic Transactions Association is the global trade association representing more than 500 payments and technology companies. ETA members make commerce possible by processing more than $21 trillion in purchases worldwide and deploying payments innovation to merchants and consumers.

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