Do You Know if Your Checkout Solution is Working Well?

You’ve already put in the hard work of capturing customers and bringing them to your site, but how can you encourage them to place an order? Over 60% of consumers leave their shopping carts without completing a purchase for a variety of reasons.

Your job as a merchant is to make the checkout process as simple and frictionless as possible to convert window shoppers into actual customers. The goal is to keep shoppers on your site until their purchase is complete.

Mistakes in your checkout process can not only ruin an otherwise well-designed eCommerce site, but they can also cost you customers and revenue. With some simple tweaks and habitual testing of your checkout solution, you can minimize cart abandonment, increase conversions, and improve overall sales.

Simplify the checkout process

Take a moment and think of time spent shopping online for something you enjoy. Browsing around for the right size or color, and clicking “add to cart” on something you can’t wait to hold in your hands…that’s the exciting part, the part you willingly give up your time to do.

Then comes the step of filling out your personal information during checkout, which is just an annoying necessity between you and your new favorite blouse or power drill or patio table.

Keeping the checkout process as simple and quick as possible reduces the chances of confusing or frustrating customers, and increases the chances that they will stick around to fully complete their purchase.

Want to reap the benefits of an easy checkout solution? Start by implementing some of these tips.

Fast loading times: Even a one-second load delay can cause customers to abandon their carts and leave your site. Be sure your checkout process runs smoothly and quickly. This also applies to every page of your website, as nearly half of internet users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less.

Guest checkout: About 26% of consumers will abandon their carts before creating a new account with your business. Account registration shouldn’t be required in order to make a purchase. Allow guest checkout, without the need for login information, so customers can handle business quickly.

Progress bar: The addition of a progress bar shows customers exactly where they are in the checkout process, and how far they have left to go. This can help keep them moving forward.

Cross-selling/upselling: If you choose to offer customers additional or related products to those already in their cart, be sure to do this early in the checkout process, before customers begin entering payment information. This helps avoid confusion and distraction.

Information verification: Provide an opportunity for customers to review and edit shipping/payment information before they finalize their purchase.

Offer free shipping: Free shipping on online orders is becoming more desirable for online purchases, and customers may seek a company that specifically offers this perk. In fact, 58% of consumers will spend more money adding extra items to their cart in order to qualify for free shipping (in instances where they must first meet a price threshold).

Order confirmation: Provide customers with an order confirmation — both online and via email — along with information to reach customer service. Then send out a shipping confirmation email (with a tracking link when possible) once their order is fulfilled and sent.

Test your checkout solution thoroughly

Customers expect a smooth, efficient checkout process. Anything less will impact your business’ credibility, reputation, and — ultimately — revenue. That’s why it’s crucial to thoroughly test your site’s checkout before rolling out anything new, including minor updates.

Any bugs, error messages, payment gateway malfunctions, or other issues can turn customers away from making a purchase on your site.

Most systems have “sandbox” capabilities, allowing you to create dummy payments in order to check your system for proper coding and function. In addition to running dummy payments, it’s recommended that you also place actual orders as a mock customer so you can fully test every phase of the checkout process. This helps ensure that everything is working properly and that customers can breeze through checkout without issue.

Improve your checkout solution

Checkout optimization is critical for giving consumers a great experience with your business. Whether you’re looking to set up an eCommerce site or you want to improve your existing one, Forte can help you streamline your online checkout solution. Our systems are reliable and secure, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Want fast, efficient, easy-to-use online checkout? Visit the Forte site or call us at 866-290-5400 for more information today.

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