What does Apple Pay mean for payments? CIO discusses.

There have been a lot of rumblings in the payment industry about Apple Pay, the tech giant’s innovation in mobile payments recently unveiled with the release of the latest iPhone iteration. For many, the product raises a lot of questions. Just visit PYMNTS.com and pull up their articles on the subject for a taste. It’s a definitely a hot issue right now.

For a good discussion on Apple Pay and its implications for the world of payments and security, read this article from CIO. Author Al Sacco asked three experts in the industry to voice their opinions on Apple Pay and its impact on the future of mobile payments. There are both pros and cons to the system, both of which could change the landscape of payments entirely. One-time tokens and the closed ecosystem are two examples of game changers that Apple Pay brings to the table. For more, check out the full article.

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Photo credit: Thom Weerd

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