8 Absolutely Perfect Desk Must-Haves

For your home away from home, we’ve found some things to covet. Luckily, this is the perfect time to plant the seeds of holiday gift ideas.

DesignWright – Buro Desk Accessories

Graphic designers may freely drool.


Torafu Architects – Koloro Desk

A fascinating little arrangement of cubed desk and stool combos inspire magical interior worlds.



 Lutz Pankow – Timp Desk Lamp

The broad arm overlooks your work with strength and dignity. It will seep into your productivity, we promise.



Kawamura Ganjavian – Deskshell Privacy Desk Divider

For when your introversion itches.



Bram Boo – Overdose Desk

Out of sight, out of mind.



Christian Vivanco – Under My Roof Desk

Post-it furniture optional.



Athanasia Leivaditou – Desk Convertible Bed

For when the boss isn’t looking. Bosses, for when you door is locked.



Media Computing Group – BendDesk 

And finally, everyone’s favorite desk fantasy.

bend-deskPhoto credit: Ichiro

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