6 Ways to Make Your Government Payments More Efficient

For many busy government offices and departments, streamlining your payment solution can fall to the bottom of the to-do list. With high business times like tax season and other pressing deadlines, it isn’t always top of mind to evaluate your current payments model to see where you can improve.

Fortunately, Forte has polled its government team – a group with over 40 years of combined experience – to see just what can be done. This sharp group narrowed their list down to six main ways that government entities can enhance their solution.

1. Integrate to front-end solutions

The most important thing, according to our team, is integrating to a front-end software solution that allows both the vendor and payment provider (like Forte) to present billing information to citizens or residents.

2. Offer automated IVR (payment by phone)

Using an automated telephone solution for bill pay is genius. This reduces the number of physical calls and keyed in payments. It also decreases the risk involved when employees take credit card numbers over the phone. Look for solutions that give you the choice to either absorb or pass the service fee onto the citizen – and take both card and eCheck payments.

3. Watch the service fee

Maintain a reasonable service fee when passing it along to the citizen. You want to watch your percentage and keep it away from the 2.75-7% range, which affects adoption rates.

4. Add eChecks as a payment option

eChecks are a great alternative to credit cards. Typically a flat fee under $2.00, this payment method is a more cost-effective route. It also allows payments to go into the thousands without the higher percentages associated with cards.

5. Try check verification

To cut down on costly returned items, implement a service like check verification. Check verification validates account information and status right at the point of entry, no matter how the check payment is made. It works with both eChecks and paper checks. To learn more, visit www.forte.net/check-verification.

6. Leverage companies that act as gateways to other networks

By choosing a payment provider that not only processes payments, but also is a gateway to other networks, you can reduce the number of providers that you work with and consolidate reporting. This cuts down your hassle dramatically.

Government payments don’t need to be a headache, and there are many ways to make things easier. Take these six tips and evaluate how they can make your agency more efficient. If you have any additional questions about what we offer government payments, visit www.forte.net/direct-government or email governmentsales@forte.net.



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